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Milbank specializes in electrical metering equipment, and is a well-known name in backup power generators and wind turbines sized for residential and light commercial use. Click on the brochure below to learn more about Millbank’s PowerGen series.
Milbank PowerGen Charging Stations
Millbank Wall Mount MEVSE-RS – $1460
Millbank Wall Mount MEVSE-RS+ – $1460
Millbank Pedestal Mount Single Unit MEVSE-RS Single – $2467
Millbank Pedestal Mount Dual Unit MEVSE-RS Dual – $4800
Millbank Pedestal Mount Quad Unit MEVSE-RS Quad – $9467
Prices are subject to change without notice
Freight is included except for Alaska & Hawaii


We have eliminated freight charges in the United States. Not applicable for Alaska, Hawaii and International shipments

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